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Karner Düngerproduktion has been producing innovative products for agriculture for more than 25 years.
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Consulting - Support - Documentation - Information

We attach great importance to a competent and comprehensive consulting to our customers. Our experienced outdoor staff is available for you for any crop farming questions any time.

Contact us! We would like to arrange an appointment for a personal talk with you.
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Biological balance

Next to a required crop yield assurance and economic viability the use of AKRA Fertilising Products also results in a  sustainable recovery of monotonously accomodated soils. The fertilization aims at a balanced and harmonious nutrient supply for the plants.
In this way a reproduction of the natural-biological balance is assured.
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Range of products

Under consideration of optimal nutrient conditions the products of our AKRA Fertilizing System consist of 8 Main Nutrients and 7 Micro-Nutrients.

Our range of products also comprehends quickly available Leaf Fertilizers and Soil Fertilizers of rapid to middle-term effects.
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Research - Microbiology and Quality Assurance

One important objective is delivering major findings of microbiology to be applied in agriculture. Quality assurance is an essential contribution to further improvements of our products.

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Valuable Soil-Vitalization

By use of our AKRA Fertilising System the valuable soillife is vitalised and boosted and the use of nitrogen is considerably reduced. 
Thereby the nitrate pollution is reduced and moreover, fixations (over-fertilizations) can be solved and stored to the plants` availability.