Drought stress

23 April 2020

The dryness in certain regions is causing extreme problems again this spring. At this year’s P/K Symposium, Dr Novotny told us what we can do about it. We have two solutions:

1. Overcoming drought stress
  • 200 l water
  • 150 g citric acid (for 200 l water)
  • 1 l AKRA Plus 9
  • 3 l AKRA MSB if necessary – to stunt growth from GS35
  • 1 l AKRA Sulpur+ if necessary (fungal infection)
2. Induce dormancy for 14 days
(in long periods of drought)
  • 200 l water
  • 150 g citric acid (for 200 l water)
  • 1 l AKRA Plus 9
Do not mix with any other treatment! Do not use N!
Quantities given are per hectare. Crops still need to be green when applying. Apply in the morning!
Can provide up to 14 days longer protection against drought.
Soil mudsilting / wind erosion / precipitation erosion significantly reduced after 5 years with the AKRA system- zoom

Soil mudsilting / wind erosion / precipitation erosion significantly reduced after 5 years with the AKRA system

July 10, 2018

Source: Jürgen Mohns / Mecklenburg - Vorpommern / Germany / AKRA Dünger
Test area with AKRA straw R+P+K- zoom

Test area with AKRA straw R+P+K

July 9, 2018

Test area with AKRA Straw R+P+K for straw management and controll of blackleg

Picture description:
  • 2 years ago half of the field was treated with AKRA straw R+P+K (2016 after WG)
  • No treatment (Grey straw - blackleg disease)
    Harvest 2018 with WG in comparison 1.6 t/ha less yield!!
    previous crop 2017 over the whole area ZR
Source: June 27, 2018, Reinhard Hölzl, AKRA fertilizer
AKRA Field Day: June 20, 2018- zoom

AKRA Field Day: June 20, 2018

July 9, 2018

Agricultural firm
Beer Nonnewitz - D (Germany)
18 years of successful AKRA system application
2018 pre-summer heat!!
Wheat Yellow Mosaic Virus- zoom

Wheat Yellow Mosaic Virus

June 27, 2018
Blackleg 2018- zoom

Blackleg 2018

June 27, 2018

In agriculture, the symptoms of blackleg are often not recognised and are confused with the effects of pre-summer dryness (shrivelled grains). Damage symptoms: after harvesting, the cereal stubble can easily be removed from the soil. Blackleg is the most widespread crop disease worldwide - no fungicides are effective.

Combat: Our sales force will inform and advise you.

Source: June 2018 Reinhard Hölzl / AKRA fertilizer
Extreme pre-summer heat 2018- zoom

Extreme pre-summer heat 2018

June 27, 2018

The pre-summer drought in 2018 is showing farmers in Germany their limitations!

With the AKRA fertilizer system:
With our products you can significantly reduce yield loss due to drought (see pictures / areas opposite):
Our sales force will be happy to advise you.

Source: June 18, 2018 - Jürgen Mohns / AKRA fertilizer
Wheat Yellow Mosaic Virus on the rise!-

Wheat Yellow Mosaic Virus on the rise!

April 16, 2018

Wheat yellow mosaic virus (WYMV) is breaking out severely among wheat crops in Hungary (see picture from April 16), sometimes resulting in total infestation, and isolated cases have also been seen in Austria. We can expect the disease to break out here within a few days/weeks. It is, therefore, important to monitor crops closely today.
Combatting the disease directly is impossible. However, it is noticeable that crops treated with the AKRA formula are significantly less affected, whereas affected wheat can be helped with an anti-stress treatment:
All data per hectare. Remember to adjust the spray mixture to pH 5.5! This treatment can be combined with a fungicide treatment according to our instructions for use.

The AKRA-team
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