Positive Effects of AKRA-Appications

AKRA increases the vitality of plants populations.

The cellwalls will be better developped so that the application rate for fungicides and growth regulators can be considerably reduced or even be omitted.
with and without AKRA- zoom

with and without AKRA

Picture: 03.06.15
with and without AKRA- zoom

with and without AKRA

As everybody knows: a picture is worth a thousand words.
Dorn Josef LWB - Corn 2014 AKRA combinition- zoom

Dorn Josef LWB - Corn 2014 AKRA combinition

AKRA foliar fertilizer with a small amount of fungicide in comparison- zoom

AKRA foliar fertilizer with a small amount of fungicide in comparison

Healthy inventory with AKRA foliar fertilizer and fungicide small quantity.
AKRA Kombi in Comparison-

AKRA Kombi in Comparison

Positive effects of mult-year AKRA Kombi applications. The vitality of plants populations is increased and cellwalls are better developped. 

Therefore AKRA Kombi enables considerable cost savings. 
AKRA DGC-Mix in Comparison- zoom

AKRA DGC-Mix in Comparison

AKRA DGC-Mix is a specially coordinated lime fertilizer which is individually merged based on soil analyses results. On the right you can see a field which was fertilised with AKRA DGC-Mix.
AKRA N-Bacterias zoom

AKRA N-Bacterias "Azotobacter" in Comparison

Azotobacter are free living, nitrogen-binding bacterias which are fed by the plant only in case of nitrogen demand.  Especially with broad-leaf crops like e.g. maize, sugarbeet, potato, rapseed or sunflower the nitrogen fixation is very efficient.

In this picture you can see a "spraying window" without AKRA N-Bacterias Azotobcater.
AKRA N-Bacterias zoom

AKRA N-Bacterias "AZO+" in Comparison

Through the use of AKRA N-Bacterias AZO+ the root growth of the plants is boosted. Therefore the amount of organic substances in the soil is also increased.

Hereby 40-80% of the customary nitrogen application rate can be saved.

On the left you can see a boosted growth caused by AKRA AZO+.
Fertilizer application which pays off- zoom

Fertilizer application which pays off

Even the potato crop can obviously be increased by use of AKRA Products.
Gorgeous Root Development- zoom

Gorgeous Root Development

at maize with AKRA Kombi (picture on the right) in comparison to customary fertilization. This effect is reached by a balanced fertilization with AKRA Kombi. This is the base for important crop developping factors - like an increased nutrient and water capture capacity  - which enables a high capacity and homogen crop development. 

Yield increase and quality improvements of over 10% are documented several times.
Distance creates the surview !- zoom

Distance creates the surview !

Near the "Oderbruch" in Germany a heterogen area was split in the middle. One half was cultivated with AKRA whereas the lower half was customarily fertilized. 

You can already spot the difference from the bird´s eye view at normal daylight. However, the differences come out even more blatant under the Infra-red light: In the close infrared picture we can spot the clearly weaker reflexion on the lower half, whereas the upper half, on which AKRA was used, shows a far more intensive reflexion.  

On other locations heavy soil related growth differences were levelled to a certain extent by a continuous AKRA-Application and in this way the base was laid for an equally high crop yield on the whole area.

"Nuthe-Source" Results

Aerial photographs - Potato Culture 

Left: Infrared light - intensive red = assimiliating, healthy plants 

Right: Normal light - clear heterogenity in the customarily fertilised lower part opposite a more equal population on the upper AKRA-fertilised part.