AKRA AZO+ | N-Bacterias

By the use of AKRA N-Bacteria AZO+ the root growth of the plants is boosted.  Terefore the content of organic substances in the soil is also increased.

The bacterial strains contained in AKRA AZO+ belong to the group of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB). Their characteristics include the fixing of atmospheric nitrogen, the strengthening of plant immune systems and the production of natural phytohormones.

Source materials

Paenibacillus sp., Azoarcus spp., micronutrients

Advantages & Effects

Our breathing air consists of approx. 78% nitrogen and approx. 21% oxygen. Therefore one m³ air contents approx. 780 g nitrogen.

At a soil depth of 30 cm and a soil air percentage of 25% there will result 58 g nitrogen as N2 per m². This nitrogen norm (N2) is used by the bacterias as a N-source.

Therfore 40 – 80% of the customary nitrogen demand can be saved.



AKRA AZO+ | N-Bacterias can be used in all farmings cultures. Precise instructions for use can be found under the menu item Applications.

-AKRA N-Bakterien AZO+
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  • 10 liter canister
  • 5 liter canister
  • 1 liter bottle