AKRA Azotobacter | N-Bacterias

Azotobacter is among those free living nitrogen fixation substances and does not depend on symbioses in order to bind N2.

Azotobacters are free living, nitrogen binding bacterias which are nourished by the plant only in case of N-demand.   Especially with wide-leaf crops like e.g. maize, sugarbeeds, potato, rapseeds and sunflower the N-fixation is very efficient. They can occur on both upside and downside on leaves but they also populate a lot of soils.

Source materials
Azotobacter sp., Azospirillum sp., Bacillus spp., micronutrients

40-80% of commercial nitrogen application can be avoided.



For a better use of nitrogens at the use of AKRA N-Bacterias Azotobacter, the admixture of AKRA Plus 9 as well as AKRA Blatt as a nutrient solvent is urgenlty advised to.

AKRA Azotobacter | N-Bacterias can be used in all farmings cultures. Precise instructions for use can be found under the menu item Applications.

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  • 10 liter canister
  • 5 liter canister
  • 1 liter bottle

-AKRA N-Bacterias Azotobacter
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