AKRA Blatt | Leaf Fertilization

AKRA leaf fertilization is used for increasing vitaliy as well as in case of a quick nutrient demand (e.g. in case of leaf- or root damage or lacks of water).

With an increasing crops level and its connected intensive fertilization the plants supply with micronutrients is often neglected. A hidden lack of micronutrients often occurs and can not be visually noticed on the plant. The consequences, however, are a loss of crop. 

For our AKRA leaf fertilization the products AKRA Blatt (Sulphate Solution) and AKRA Plus 9 (Azetate) are used together. They can also be used together in combination with net sulphur or fungicides, insecticides and if applicable together with nitrogen and a bonding agent.

Advantages & Effects

Micronutrients support important metabolism reactions and are the main element of numerous 
enzymes. They guarantee a better conversion of affiliated nutrients.

By use of AKRA Leaf Fertilization you can lay the base 
for higher crop yield and a better quality.

  • cost savings by a reduction of fungicides
  • rapid development of leaves through spraying – no growth stop 
  • nutrition in case of root- or leaf damages (e.g. herbicide damages)
  • less nitrogen quantity – improved saturation 
  • fertilization of the bloom (full bloom spraying)
  • better crop formation (starch, sugar, proteine, oil, fat, a.s.o.)
  • possible resistance against fungal infections
  • mixable with all plant protection preparties that are biocompatible with leaf fertilizers 



Application (per hectare)
  • Spraying at least 150 – 400 litres water (IMPORTANT: good wettability of leaf mass !)
  • AKRA Blatt & AKRA Plus 9 Standard Mixture:
    2 litres AKRA Blatt and
    0,5 litres AKRA Plus 9
  • maximum 10 kg N (urea nitrogen)
  • with fungicide 
The use of AKRA leaf fertilizer is possible at all agricultural crops.



Mind the miscibility of fungicides and/or insecticides with leaf fertilizer according to the producer or undertake a composite sample.



Mg (Magnesium)
Na (Natrium)
Fe (iron)
Cu (Copper)
Zn (Zinc)
Mn (Manganese)
S (Sulphur)



  • 1000 litre container
  • 10 litre canister