AKRA Ensilage Additive | Ensilage Optimisation

AKRA Ensilage is a natural ensilage aid for upvaluation of the basic fodder at the production of grass- or maize silage.

It is produced in a natural process based on selected sugar-cane molasses and the addition of highly active lactic acids. 

During the fermentation phase fermentation acids like vinegar- , lactic- and propion acids will occur. These fermentation acids are created in a harmonic proportion by our AKRA Ensilage Aid -  without any chemical additives.

By a speedy fermentation process and a rapid lowering of pH-Values any misfermentations and fermentation juice process will be reduced.


  • higher fodder value 
  • higher mast- and milk capacity of the cattle
  • better fodder intake
  • better digestibility
  • improvement of aerobic stability 
  • more stable fermentation process
  • optimal proportion of fermentation acids 

-Processed Ensilage Stuff
Processed Ensilage Stuff zoom


AKRA Silage is suited for grasses, leguminoses, grain plants, silage maize, corn-cobs products, grain plants silage as well as crushed grain.


Application Rate

Direct application on the silage stuff

  • green- and maize-silage:
    0,25 liter AKRA Engilage + 2 liter water per ton
  • CCM and cob groats:
    0,5 liter AKRA Ensilage + 2 liter water per ton

AKRA Ensilage improves the fermentation process at heavily ensilaging fodder by enhancing the application rate. 

ATTENTION: Ensilage additives are no substitute for a bad initial material or a careless ensilage engineering.