AKRA Straw R. + P + K | for a faster rotting

With Bacillus megaterium phosphaticum + Frateuria aurantia!

AKRA Straw R. is soil additive for a faster rotting of harvest rests (for spraying on straw after the harvest, for boosting the straw rotting in the arable land).

Bacillus megaterium phosphaticum + Frateuria aurantia

Bacillus megaterium phospaticum

This naturally occurring bacteria splits the phytin (6 phosphate molecules arranged in a ring) found in organic mass. The split phosphate stays in a mobile form, before being absorbed by plants or incorporated into the various phosphorus pools.

Frateuria aurantia

Bacteria that improves potassium supply. Stores the soil-based potassium that can be absorbed by plants.

Advantages & Effects

  • fastest possible rotting of plants rests (straw, chaffing materia, farm fertilizer)
  • nutrition of soil bacterias 
  • reducing mycosis in connection with 2 – 4 kg hydrogen sulphide
  • high efficiency also in drought periods
  • Post-harvest remains do not remove nitrogen from the soil when they rot in spring

By the use of AKRA Straw R. organic molecules of harvest rests (cellulose and lignin) are broken up. Therefore an addtional nitrogen supply is not necessary.



Recommended application rate per hectare:
  • grain straw
    1 liter AKRA Straw R.
    100 – 300 liter water (acc. to straw quantity)
  • maize straw
    2 liter AKRA Straw R.
    100 – 300 liter water (acc. to straw quanitity)
Do not exceed this recommended application rates !



-Bacillus megaterium phosphaticum
Bacillus megaterium phosphaticum zoom
  • 10 liter canister
  • 5 liter canister

-Frateuria aurantia
Frateuria aurantia zoom