AKRA WD | Agricultural fertiliser and crop residue treatment

AKRA WD for the treatment of farm fertilizer, liquid manure, firm manure and slurry, with system and intelligence. A smart solution for treating crop residues.


Agricultural fertiliser
  • ideal nutrient binding (e.g. ammoniac, ...)
  • clearly less smell
  • no suffocation of soil organisms
  • clearly better air in the barn = less caugh sensibility 
  • decomposition of the sink layer or scum layer
  • short mixing time by liquid manure 
  • prevention of leaf damage
  • green areas can be meadowed after 14 days after output
  • improved fodder intake and fodder conversion by cattle 
  • easy in its application
Crop residue treatment
  • Efficient additive to speed up straw decomposition

-Smell reduction, as friendly neighbours are important
Smell reduction, as friendly neighbours are important zoom


Agricultural fertiliser
Next to the liquidation of the slurry (scum is mainly dissolved) there is also no more danger of chemical burn when taking it on to plants. (mind the wax layer) Also the soillife - especially the earthworm – is no longer choked off with ammoniac.

Crop residue treatment
Improves the performance of wettable sulphur and AKRA products for the decomposition of straw.



Agricultural fertiliser

pig- or cattle manure10 l AKRA WD40 – 50 m3acc. to outside temperature the manure starts to create bubbles in approx. 1 – 3 weeks (fermentation)
poultry manure10 l AKRA WD15 m3
firm manure or smell binding (ammoniac)0,5 liter AKRA WD + 3,0 liter water100 m2 manure areaspray on every 2 days 
slurry10 l AKRA WD100 m3mix in at least 2 days before taking it out

Crop residue treatment
Please refer to instructions for use



  • 10 liter canister